Harlok can support your marine project from existing equipment evaluation and upgrade feasibility assessment through to detailed design, equipment specification, compliance with class regulations, shipyard strip-out, installation, field commissioning, and performance evaluation and optimization of processes.

Below are example projects completed by Harlok Design Group. Please contact us to discuss how we can collaborate with your team and fulfill your project requirements
Fleet Equipment Evaluation
  • Reviewed the wastewater treatment plants installed on nine vessels to determine the feasibility of upgrading for compliance with Transport Canada environmental discharge regulations
  • Examined and reported on the appropriateness of the OEM design, evaluated the current condition of the equipment, provided budgetary estimates for shipyard upgrades, presented historical passenger loading, solicited crew feedback, and investigated options to add additional process steps to improve effluent compliance.
Collection System Upgrades
  • Recommended daily wastewater volumes for multiple vessels based on passenger loading and collection system configuration
  • Coordinated strip-out of existing Marine Sanitation Devices
  • Developed collection tank modules with integrated level control, defoaming, and aeration
  • Created system specification, controls description, general arrangement, and process flow documentation
  • Field commissioned final installation and interface with piping network, electrical, and automation systems
Discharge Skid and Wastewater Characterization
  • Design and implementation of a temporary discharge pump skid with integrated electromagnetic flowmeter, electric isolation valving, and control panel to allow measurement of total wastewaster flow from a gravity discharge system.
  • Design, build, and installation completed within seven days to allow measurement during peak passenger loading conditions.
  • Statistical analysis completed on historical passenger loading and flow measurements to recommend expected wastewater loads during peak periods.
  • Client recognized significant reduction in onboard tankage requirements during equipment upgrade
  • Reviewed the vacuum collection system on a recently constructed class of vessels experiencing unexpected issues
  • Developed best-practices guidelines for piping, routing, materials, equipment, operation, and maintenance from a variety of literature sources combined with project experience and client operation of similar vessels
  • Evaluated overall installations, operation, and maintenance against the guidelines
  • Recommended immediate actions, upgrades aligned with refit activities, and areas for further consideration
Fuel Consumption Study
  • Selected, installed, and field commissioned low-flow meters capable of totalizing the supply and return volumes between two unique boiler systems installed on two different vessels.
  • Statistically analyzed data in consideration of fluctuating environmental conditions
  • Quantified fuel savings of preferred boiler technology
  • Client justified upgrading boiler system based on annual fuel savings

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