Successfully bringing a new product to market is an exciting experience. At Harlok we strive to facilitate this process by combining our design experience with our customer’s innovative product ideas.

Using collaborative communication we can help develop the functional, cost, and aesthetic requirements for your product. We can then follow our product development process focused on concept generation, preliminary and detail design, prototyping, testing and transfer to manufacturing. We maintain close relationships with sheetmetal, machining, coating, molding, casting and assembly vendors to ensure the selection of appropriate manufacturing processes for your production volumes. As a flexible contract design company, we let you choose how much or how little of the process you need support on.

Below are example projects completed by Harlok Design Group. To inquire on other projects or discuss your ideas please contact us.
Solar LED Bollard
  • Developed complete mechanical package using a combination of sheetmetal, castings, and extrusions
  • Integrated photovoltaic panel, controller, optical assemblies, battery, and harnessing.
  • Refined design to allow market-competitive fabrication in North America
  • Completed initial prototype build including sourcing low volume prototype cast parts
  • Conceptualized unique vertical mounting, angle basket, wheel-only contact system
  • Fabricated prototypes, evaluated issues, and refined to completely weld-free design
  • Created branding, decals, and marketing and promotional materials
  • Presented product at international level tradeshow
  • Coordinated fabrication and supply chain for product release to market
Home Water Reuse System
  • Developed multiple industrial design concepts and refined to complete production ready design
  • Assisted with vendor selection, coordinated fabrication, and facilitated assembly of pilot production run
  • Winner 2010 VIATeC Environmental Excellence Award
LED Address Sign
  • Evaluated existing optical solutions and generated multiple concepts for alternative systems
  • Developed simple and robust design aligned with demanding production cost targets
  • Integrated client’s innovative web-to-print technology
  • Collaborated with injection molders on tooling cost reduction and material selection
  • Researched and sourced unique surface finish for final design
  • Refined client concept into weld-free outdoor housing accommodating multiple configurations
  • Integrated existing controller, interface board, and subcomponents
  • Developed custom windowed interface label
  • Created renderings in outdoor environment as part of product introduction materials

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