• Owners and operators of marine systems require maximum uptime with minimum complexity, maintenance requirements, and operational costs. Harlok has in-depth knowledge of onboard systems, extensive design experience, and thousands of field hours commissioning, servicing, upgrading, evaluating, and troubleshooting equipment onboard both deep-sea vessels and inland waterway ferries. Explore examples of marine projects completed by Harlok Design Group.

  • Between an idea and a product entering the marketplace is the Product Development Process. Harlok has collaborated with our clients on consumer and industrial products ranging from commercial solar lighting systems, to ruggedized work stations, to irrigation equipment. Whether you need a proof-of-concept prototype or a complete electromechanical development effort transferred to volume manufacturing, Harlok can help realize your product needs. Learn about example product development projects completed by Harlok Design Group.

  • Industrial projects are diverse in scope and complexity. That's why Harlok's flexible approach to contract services ranges from simple consultation on equipment issues to execution of complete turn-key machinery. We've completed projects in the water treatment technology, manufacturing, oil and gas, food and beverage processing, military, industrial lighting, aquaculture, and alternative energy sectors. Discover examples of industrial projects completed by Harlok Design Group.

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